professional virtual chimney assessment for your safety lucas county ohio

Virtual Chimney Assessment

Virtual Chimney Assessment Tiny Tom’s Chimney Sweep and Repair wants to deliver the highest quality service available. With no pre-inspection appointment, we are offering a program where we use images that you provide of your fireplace and chimney system to reveal the work that needs to be done. In order to do that, we need […]

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Before and after work by Tiny Tom the chimney sweep and repair company for the masses

How do you know if you need a chimney sweep?

6 Indications You Should Call or Contact a Chimney Sweep  Fires are burning poorly in your fireplace. …  You have a strong  unpleasant odor coming from a fireplace or chimney. …  You notice greasy looking black soot or creosote. …  You have a buildup of smoke when burning wood for your fire. …  The damper […]

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