professional virtual chimney assessment for your safety lucas county ohio

Virtual Chimney Assessment

Virtual Chimney Assessment

Tiny Tom's Chimney Sweep and Repair wants to deliver the highest quality service available.

With no pre-inspection appointment, we are offering a program where we use images that you provide of your fireplace and chimney system to reveal the work that needs to be done. In order to do that, we need to make sure that the images you provide contain the necessary and relevant information we need so we can give you an accurate assessment. Below is information we have provided to help you include the specific images and angles that we need to provide the best possible appraisal.

  • The outside of the chimney, starting at a distance from the house that will show a ground to top whole view. (Picture or video)
  • An inside the house, floor to ceiling view of the fireplace or appliance. (Picture or video)
  • Include close-up images of firebox or wood stove.
  • Also include an upshot of the flue.

Follow these steps for all fireplaces or appliances in the home.

Go to our contact page and fill in the info and upload your images.

If further evaluation of your chimney is needed, we will advise you make an appointment for an onsite inspection.


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