Chimney Sweep Services & More for Northern Ohio, Southern Michigan & Most of Coastal Florida

Tiny Tom has been a chimney sweep all over the United States for over three decades. Our team of dedicated and professional chimney sweepers offers the very best in chimney sweeping and home improvement services. From animal removal to helping you find a contractor you can trust for your remodeling project, we can do it all.

Our chimney cleaning and maintenance services ensure that you will avoid bigger, more expensive chimney issues in the future. We use the very latest in chimney cleaning and repair methods to ensure that your chimney sweeping, repair or maintenance service is done the right way. Call today to schedule your free estimate for any of our services! We provide chimney services for Northern Ohio, Southern, Michigan, most of Coastal Florida and beyond.

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Our Services

Other Services Offered by Tiny Tom Chimney Repair & Cleaning

Tiny Tom also provides many other services for your home including:

  • Roof stain removal, animal removal services, bird barriers and repellants.
  • We do tuckpoint brick repair, duct cleaning, gutter and downspout repair.
  • We can help you with home improvements, build garages, office remodeling, patio and decks and general carpentry and even recomend a competent....
  • Siding Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Waterproofing Contractor
  • Concrete Contractor

Tiny Tom Chimney Repair and Cleaning is a thoroughly educated, professional company. We observe strict compliance with fire safety codes & standards. If you need chimney cleaning or repair or general home repairs, please give us a call for a free estimate. We look forward to serving your needs.

• Animal Removal Services

• Bird Barriers & Repellants

• Tuckpoint Brick Repair

• Waterproofing Contractor

• Gutter & Downspouts

• Patio & Deck Construction

• Duct Cleaning

• Office Remodeling

• Concrete Contractor

• General Carpentry

• Fireplace Installation

Man's feet in socks with large mug of hot chocolate by a clean fireplace thanks to Tiny Tom's Chimney Service and Repair