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Sunset at Veterans Park Avon Lake OH home of Tiny Tom chimney sweep

Sunset at Veterans Park Avon Lake OH

Chimney Sweep and Repair Services for Avon Lake OH

Tiny Tom Chimney Repair Specialists is your local chimney sweep expert who provides full-service chimney repair services to the Avon Lake, Ohio region. If you are wondering where is the best Chimney sweep near me? Look no further, with 40 years of experience as a chimney pro, Tiny Tom Chimney Repair & Cleaning company, is the local chimney sweep you need to give you the detailed service you desire.

Tiny Tom Chimney Repair & Cleaning are the authorities in all areas of chimney repair services and fireplace safety from firebox and tuck point repair to creosote removal and duct cleaning, they can do it all. Starting with a roof walk, Tiny Tom's Chimney Sweep does a chimney and masonry tuck point inspection then inspect your firebox and provide you with an estimate for chimney repair costs. Tiny Tom's uses the latest in high-tech, chimney cleaning, repair and fire prevention solutions. Because of our expertise, we catch problems early, save money and aggravations and prevent costly restorations. This, in combination with routine maintenance, Tiny Tom will uphold the health of your chimney and fireside providing you with peace of mind.

Go ahead and spend your day visiting Miller Nature Preserve and visit Echo the Parrot or have an adventure in The Butterfly House, maybe while you're there, have lunch in the Orchid CafÈ. Meanwhile, we will clean and repair your chimney or fireplace and when you return home, youíll know it is safe and soot-free.

Stop by one of Avon Lake's fine eateries like Taki's Greek Kitchen, Fratello's or maybe you'd prefer Railroad Brewing Company Taproom. When Our staff at Tiny Tom Chimney Sweep and Repair Services, visits your home, we will bring professional, dedicated, skilled chimney sweepers who offer the absolute best in fireplace services including contracting, remodeling, animal removal or firebox improvements. We can do it all.

Tiny Tom Chimney Sweep and Repair Services is a professional, fully authorized, company following strict compliance with fire safety codes & standards. If you need chimney cleaning and repair or a firebox revamp, in the Avon Lake, Ohio area, call us for a free estimate. We look forward to providing you with the help you need.

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